The Global Dimension in Schools NI supports all teachers in Northern Ireland to deliver the Northern Ireland Curriculum by incorporating global perspectives into their learning areas. 

The Global Dimension in Schools NI allows all of our young people to recognise and value global perspectives on the world we live in and to develop the understanding, skills and values that enable young people to be active global citizens.


Why do global issues matter?

  • More than a billion people, one in five of the world's population, live in extreme poverty
  • Ten million children die before their fifth birthday, most of them from preventable diseases.
  • More than 113 million children do not go to school.
  • Inequality and poverty generates mechanisms which create instability, wars, fanaticism, extremism, fundamentalism and terrorism

These facts may seem distant and even  irrelevant to our students... BUT The Global Dimension allows students to become aware how inequalities around the world have reverberations whose ripple effect is felt here too.

Countries around the world are becoming more and more interdependent. We may live on a geographical island, but the global dimension allows students to learn how all economies, environments, societies and peoples are affected by global events and decisions made around the world. (See Millennium Development Goals-What is it all about? In Aims and Objectives)

Read more about how the Global Dimension impacts on the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

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Global Dimension in Schools NI
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