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Amnesty International


Amnesty International are planning to run summer schools at the Regional Training Unit on ‘Teaching Citizenship Through Human Rights' for KS3, 4 and post 16.
For more information see for more details and how to apply.

The Global Dimension in Initial Teacher Education: St. Mary’s University College, Belfast


'The Global Dimension in Initial Teacher Education' was created to assist those involved in embedding global dimension concepts into teacher education programmes. It features various aspects of the Project including college-wide activities, local and global links, development of undergraduate and postgraduate level courses and the certification process. It shares the College's experience of how to incorporate values and attitudes related to social justice, diversity, interdependence, global citizenship, sustainable development and conflict resolution into teaching and learning in the classroom. The Guide can be downloaded at:

Research was carried out as part of the Project on values and attitudes towards the global dimension in primary, post primary as well as initial teacher education. Surveys and focus groups with students and pupils have revealed current levels of knowledge about the global dimension in education, opinions about its content and opinions about the most appropriate ways it can form part of the curriculum in Northern Ireland. A summary report can be downloaded at:

Global Dimension Research Summary


The global dimension on line course developed to support St. Mary's students wishing to gain certification in the global dimension contains a variety of useful links, resources and support materials and may be of use to those wishing to find out more about the global dimension.

For further information on the rationale and objectives of the GDE project, download the following documents: GDE project flyer and GDE project poster. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to view these documents.

Issues One, Two and Three of our Newsletter "Going Global" are available below for download:

Newsletter Issue 1

Newsletter Issue 2

Newsletter Issue 3


TIDAL and Children in Crossfire


TIDAL is a cross- border project aimed at providing support and resources to teachers to deliver an effective civic and citizenship programme that examines both local and global development issues appropriate to the curriculum. In particular the course aims to develop a range of active and participative methodologies that motivate and enhance young people's skills for engaging with these issues. It is an accredited course through the Open College network (OCN).
Children in Crossfire are currently recruiting post primary school teachers for our upcoming TIDAL course, which will be run for 4 days during October- December 2008.

Please contact Gráinne for more information: (02871 269898)

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